Our Story


 Thanks so much for taking the time to browse our website. Here at Soul Bundles, we believe in everyone having the opportunity to receive beautiful gifts that not only look appealing but are also good for your health and wellbeing. We also offer individual beauty and wellness products and accessories available in our ‘Shop’ section for you to purchase anytime.

I’m Sarah the owner of Soul Bundles. I live in country NSW with my beautiful family and I love creating beautiful gifts for everyone to enjoy.


Our bundles have been designed with the purpose of making sure they contain non-toxic beauty products along with carefully selected pieces for the home so you know whether you’re pampering yourself or spoiling someone else that you’re only using the good stuff! We’re constantly adding new pieces to our website, only stocking Australian owned products with similar core values so when you buy from us you’re also supporting Australian businesses.



“Its estimated women use 12-15 personal care products a day- this equates to a daily exposure of around 170 unique chemicals, entering our bloodstream a day. In the process of educating ourselves and making small changes, we can make a difference to our health and the planet”. -Truth in beauty.