Our NOURISH bundle is for the woman who finds enjoyment in the simple things. A perfect bundle for someone just starting to switch and choose natural everyday products. Take time out with this nourshing self-care bundle and find comfort with Edible Beauty's Balancing Butterfly Blue Tea which can be made perfectly with the help of Bondi Beach Tea's Stainless Steel Strainer.


Deva Cacao will satisfy your sweet tooth with their delicious organic chocolate that's naturally sweetened using raw Australian Honey.


Cedar and Stone Herbal Shampoo bar will have your hair thanking you with it's natural ingredients free from Parabens, Chemicals and Synthetic Fragrances. Suitable for all hair types.




  • NOURISH Soul Bundle


    • Dried Posy (in glass vase)
    • 31 Daily Affirmation Cards
    • Balancing Butterfly Blue Tea 75g
    • Bondi Beach Tea Stainless Steel Strainer
    • Deva Cacao Dark Cacao with Nibs 85g




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