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100% recycable gift box with recycable kraft filler, cotton string, tag and personalised, handwritten card. Choose products from our 'Shop' range to add to your gift box. To 'Design your own Bundle' follow these few simple steps... 1. Select the quantity of gift boxes you would like - Please note you can only create 2 'design your own bundles' per order. 2. All 'design your own bundles' must be sent to the one shipping address you provide at checkout. Due to our checkout process, orders cannot be split for shipping. 3. Let us know if you'd like us to write on the card for you and what message you would like. 3. Choose your products from our 'Shop' range, we have over 40 products to choose from. 4. If you're creating more than 1 'design your own bundle' please choose what number gift box each item is for so we can package it correctly. 5. Once you're done proceed to checkout. We recommend choosing 1-10 items depending on the size of each product.


We have 2 gift box sizes that we use, depending on how many items are in your bundle.

Gift Box & Card - Design your own Gift Bundle

  • 100% Recycable Gift Box  


    • Natural top with black base or natural base
    • Plain Lid
    • Comes with personalised handwritten card 


  • We only write on the card what is written in the text field so remember if you'd like your recipient to know the gift is from you please write your name at the end of your message. If no name is at the end of your message we'll assume you've chosen to have sent the gift as annonymous.

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