• Our INSPIRE Bundle is the ultimate pick-me-up for a friend, sister or loved one. Specifically designed to boost your mood, inspire and lift your spirits. Featuring a mix of all-natural products to fight daily stress and nourish the body - a refreshing gift and the perfect choice to brighten someones day!


    Ivy & Wood Vitality Candle will invigorate the senses with the energetic aroma of lemongrass, euculyptus, lime and lemon myrtle essential oils. 


    Soak Society Wellness Soak - White Tea, will soak away your worries combining white tea extract and white clay with sweet orange, neroli and may chang. 


    Edible Beauty Golden Glow Tea is a powerful combination of burdock and cleavers to detox the liver, licorice and red clover to support a womans natural hormone balance and nettle to support skins hydration.


    Theseeke Calm it Down Temple Balm uses a blend of cypress, spearmint, lime and lavender essential oils to calm an anxious mind. Great start to a meditation or yoga session or just for when you need to take some time out! 




    • INSPIRE Soul Bundle


      • Dried Posy (in glass vase)
      • Words to Inspire - 31 Daily Affirmation Cards
      • Ivy & Wood Vitality Candle 170g
      • Soak Society Wellness Soak - White Tea 100g
      • Edible Beauty Golden Glow Tea 50g
      • Stainless Steel Tea Strainer
      • Theseeke Calm it Down Temple Balm 10g




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