• Looking for the perfect baby shower or newborn gift? Our Mum & Bub gift bundle is designed with neutral, earthy colours perfect for any gender. A thoughtful gift boasting with luxurious quality products for Mother's and their little one's.


    Edible Beauty's Mum & Bub Coco Barrier Cream is an intensely nourishing and protective barrier cream that can be used on both adults and babies. It is an ultra-hydrating cream designed to prevent nappy rash, calm cradle cap and soothe eczema-prone skin on bubba whilst nourishing dry skin patches on adults.


    The Lemme Feel Well wholefood bar by Eat For You was originally designed with morning sickness in mind. A delicious, wholesome fibre packed snack with just enough ginger to help calm nauseated tummies. Balanced with ingredients such as lemon, dates, nuts and seeds, it is truly an easy to eat, enjoyable snack.


    Bombee Designs have created the perfect teethers for tiny hands and sore little gums. Made with stylish 100% cotton designed fabric and backed with soft and absorbent bamboo terry toweling. Rings are made of high-quality beech wood, they have been sanded smooth and have a natural, unstained finish - perfect for chewing. The wooden ring is perfect for sore little gums. While the fabric ears provide something soft to chew on and have the added bonus of mopping up all that dribble! The Bombee Designs Organic Muslin Wrap is light weight, breathable and easy to use. It is 70% bamboo, 30% cotton composition and are designed to be super soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. A simple and beautiful way to swaddle your littlest love.


    With changing nappies, running baths, prepping food - we know how much parents hands can suffer with constantly having to wash them. Precious Sea Hand Saviour Cream will help keep hands feeling smooth and hydrated with it's deeply nourishing combination of sea plants, exotic fruits and herbs.


    Complete with a gorgeous, long lasting Dried Posy in a glass vase, this is truly a beautiful gift.


    Muslin Wrap: GOTS certified organic bamboo muslin* Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure the exclusion of harmful ingredients* Becomes even softer with each wash * Multi-use. Baby swaddle, lightweight blanket, pram blanket, comforter, nursing shield, change mat* Machine washable.

    MUM & BUB

    • MUM & BUB Soul Bundle


      • Dried Posy (in glass vase)
      • Bombee Designs Organic Muslin Wrap
      • Edible Beauty Mum & Bub Coco Barrier Cream 60g
      • Eat For You 'Lemme Feel Well' Lemon & Ginger Wholefood Bar 50g
      • Edible Beauty Precious Sea Hand Saviour 50g
      • Bombee Designs Wooden Teether



    • This Bundle does not come with Affirmation Cards.

      Dried Posy information: We select beautiful dried flowers according to availability and what we have in stock - therefore our posy arrangements often change. Keep your dried flowers indoors and out of direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Dried flowers can be very fragile so place them somewhere where they will not get bumped and touched. Shedding during transit may occur which is normal. All of our posies and arrangements are handmade by us and therefore are not identical.

      Personal Card information: We only write on the card what is written in the text field so remember if you'd like your recipient to know the gift is from you please write your name at the end of your message. If no name is at the end of your message we'll assume you've chosen to have sent the gift as anonymous.