• Luxurious Australian Made skincare products have been carefully selected to bring you the ultimate hydrating gift bundle. Boasting with nourishing, natural skincare products, this collection screams HYDRATION.


    Edible Beauty's Soothing Nectar Gel is a refreshing and ultra-lightweight gel that provides a burst of soothing hydration, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed, dewy and rejuvenated. A botanically-derived Body Lotion by Bondi Wash is enriched with Australian super-plant Flame Tree to maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin. 100% botanically-derived ingredients, gentle on the skin and an all natural formulation.


    The Luxe Body Wash from Soak Society is a nourishing formula that combines the delicate and luxurious extracts of Vanilla and Rose, with uplifting Orange Blossom. Kakadu Plum and Davidson Plum helps to moisturise, protect and promote healthy skin, gently cleanse pores and naturally enrich the body.


    Edible Beauty's Precious Sea Hand Saviour is an ultra-luxe hand cream enriched with the healing properties of the ocean for intensly hydrated, smooth and soft hands. Precious Sea Hand Saviour is like a velvet glove, encasing your hands in a deeply nourishing cocktail of sea plants, exotic fruits and herbs that synergistically combine with the ability to restore even the driest of skin, when nothing else can.


    Complete with our 'Words to Inspire' 31 Daily Affirmation Cards and a Dried Posy in a glass vase, this is truly a luxurious, beautiful gift bundle.


    • NOURISH Soul Bundle


      • Dried Posy (in glass vase)
      • Edible Beauty Soothing Nectar Hydrating Gel 50ml
      • Bondi Wash Body Lotion 250ml
      • Soak Society Body Wash 250ml
      • Edible Beauty Precious Sea Hand Saviour 50ml
      • 'Words to Inspire' 31 Daily Affirmation Cards
    • Dried Posy information: We select beautiful dried flowers according to availability and what we have in stock - therefore our posy arrangements often change. Keep your dried flowers indoors and out of direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Dried flowers can be very fragile so place them somewhere where they will not get bumped and touched. Shedding during transit may occur which is normal. All of our posies and arrangements are handmade by us and therefore are not identical. 

      Personal Card information: We only write on the card what is written in the text field so remember if you'd like your recipient to know the gift is from you please write your name at the end of your message. If no name is at the end of your message we'll assume you've chosen to have sent the gift as anonymous.