• Our TRANQUIL bundle is designed with radiant skin in mind.


    After a long day the Edible Beauty Make-up Remover Puffs will allow you to cleanse your skin effortlessly and leave you with radiant, clean skin.


    The Ivy & Wood Tranquil Lavender Room Spray is ideal to calm your surroundings as it's made with pure essential oils aimed at providing relaxition, stress relief and helping those who need a good nights sleep.


    Indagare Beauty's Pure Rhassoul Clay will restore your skin and nourish it from the outside in with it's natural Moroccan Clay healing properties. Our Soul Bundles Handcarfted Clay Mask Bowl and Bamboo Brush will make the clay mask application as smooth and as quick as possible, giving you more time to sit back and let the Clay get to work.


    • TRANQUIL Soul Bundle


      • Dried Posy (in glass vass)
      • Words to Inspire - 31 Daily Affirmation Cards
      • Edible Beauty Make-up Remover Puffs
      • Ivy & Wood Tranquil Lavender Room Spray 100ml
      • Indagare Beauty Pure Rhassoul Clay 60g
      • Handcrafted Clay Mask Bowl
      • Bamboo Application Brush
    • Dried Posy information: We select beautiful dried flowers according to availability and what we have in stock - therefore our posy arrangements often change. Keep your dried flowers indoors and out of direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Dried flowers can be very fragile so place them somewhere where they will not get bumped and touched. Shedding during transit may occur which is normal. All of our posies and arrangements are handmade by us and therefore are not identical.

      Personal Card information: We only write on the card what is written in the text field so remember if you'd like your recipient to know the gift is from you please write your name at the end of your message. If no name is at the end of your message we'll assume you've chosen to have sent the gift as anonymous.