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  • These beautiful Mugs are designed and handmade locally for Soul Bundles. They hold approximately 300ml. Due to the nature of being handmade, each mug has slight variations in craftsmanship. It's within these variations and imperfections that make these mugs so unique . They're a practical gift to make a lasting impression.

    Handmade Ceramic Mug

    • Handmade Ceramic Mug


      • Handmade
      • Two Tone Design
      • Ceramic
      • Handle
      • Approx 300ml
    • So we can package your products correctly, please choose the following options carefully.

      If your product is not for a bundle, please select 'Product is for Myself' - That way we'll know to wrap your products separately.

      If your product is for a bundle you are creating, please choose what bundle you would like it in, incase you are building more than 1 at a time. (Please note you can only create 2 'Design your own Bundles' per order - If you would like more, please email or alternatively complete the checkout process and start a new order.

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